The Gold Prospectors Association Of America (GPAA) was founded in 1965 to preserve and promote the great heritage of the North American Prospector. Today, the GPAA has become the worlds largest prospecting organization.

GPAA’s goal is, first and foremost to help members become successful prospectors. To help educate members, the GPAA provides a variety of informational media and activities. The GPAA produces the educational and entertaining Gold Prospectors Show, Gold Fever and Prospecting America TV programs which appear nationally on our own 24-hour network The Outdoor Channel. The GPAA publishes Gold Prospector magazine, Pick and Shovel Gazette, The Annual Mining Guide and sponsors numerous outings, seminars, expeditions and trade shows – all designed to help you find more Gold!

Membership!  A one year membership in the world’s largest gold prospecting membership association.

Places To Go For Gold! – The Annual Mining Guide contains over 250 properties and over 750,000 acres where you and your family can go hunting for gold and treasure.

Tools!  You get all the beginning tools you need. A gold pan, sniffer bottle, and much more!

Training! – You receive the Sure Fire Panning video plus our full line of videos on every phase of prospecting are available to you at special prices! Plus, you are invitied to outings (optional) with real experts and specialized training classes.

Local Support! – We have directors in every state… and many areas have local chapters and clubs where you get experience, learn about prospecting and treasure hunting, and just meet new friends.

The “Gold Prospector” Magazine  A bi-monthly national publication full of “How To” articles, real life adventure stories, equipment studies and entertainment.

FREE GPAA Information Service! – The Customer Service Department can answer questions about where to go, how to get there, how to get training and help, equipment needs and much more!

FREE 2 Ore Evaluations!  Send in your samples and we’ll tell you’ve what you’ve got. If it’s worth having a formal assay, we’ll tell you that too.

Help Keep The Public Lands Open! – Your membership also supports GPAA’s efforts to protect the environment (sensibly) for the enjoyment and use of everyone!

FREE Seller Space! – GPAA Members get free seller space at any GPAA sponsored outing. (Some restrictions apply)